Bookings for spa treatments are subject to availability and must be made at least 24 hours in advance.   Reservations cannot be accepted as binding unless they are accompanied by a 50% deposit.


Payment of spa treatments & Vitality meals:  Only cash and/or EFT payments will be accepted.  If booking for 2 people or more, we shall require a 50% deposit to confirm the booking.

Full payment is required upon departure.  In the event of an early departure, no refund or discount will be given.

Operating Hours & General Information

Monday to Friday 09h00 – 16h00

Saturday:  09h00 – 13h00

Sunday:  Closed



  • The right of admission strictly applies

  • No drinking will be allowed in the Jacuzzi and/or heated swimming pool

  • No jumping into the pool and/or Jacuzzi

  • Spa gowns, slippers, and towels are provided.  Your spa gown and slippers will be issued to you upon arrival.

  • Lockers are available for the safekeeping of belongings

  • No alcohol may be brought onto the premises.

  • The facilities at the spa (jacuzzi, heated pool, and boutique gym) will be used at their own risk and the owners cannot be held liable for any injuries. 

  • Guests will be held liable for any/all damage(s) to the property and equipment.  

  • The owner of Maki-Saki cannot be held accountable for any accidents and/or theft



Whilst everything may have changed, some things stay the same, and guests can rest assured that their safety remains our absolute priority.  Extensive COVID-19 protocols have been implemented at our establishment for the safety of both guests and staff alike.  We embrace the guidelines and hygiene policies of the World Health Organisation (WHO), the South African National Department of Health (NDoH), and the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD). The following protocols are mandatory according to Government regulations and will be strictly adhered to at Maki-Saki Boutique Spa as well as New Age Skin and Beauty Salon.

To protect our guests and staff and to prevent a potentially high-risk person from entering the establishment, guests are required to be screened on arrival, which includes:

  • Mandatory use of masks for all visitors/guests and staff entering the premises

  • Allowing their temperature to be scanned with a thermometer.
    If a guest’s temperature falls within the normal range and they do not show any symptoms they will be required to sanitise their hands and proceed to check-in. If a guest’s temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius and/or they have symptoms of the virus, they will not be allowed to check in and will be referred to a medical facility as specified by the NICD.

  • Complete and sign a questionnaire.



  • All staff have received training on COVID19 preventative measures and hygiene protocols

  • Staff are provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) in line with regulations, along with additional hygiene resources

  • Sanitising and disinfecting practices (over and above our normal stringent cleaning protocols) will apply to our facility.