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When last have your skin felt as soft as a baby’s skin? Have your age, activities, and environment taken their toll on your skin’s appearance? Have you tried every new cream that promises to change the world, but all that really changes is your bank balance or worse?  From fine lines and wrinkles to debilitating scars, visible imperfections can affect you emotionally and impact the way you interact with others.  Are you ready for a change? 


At New Age Skin and Beauty, we are ready to introduce you to the Dermapen 4, the world-leading micro-needling device.  We achieve real results on real people like me and you, without breaking the bank.  Our Dermapen (Microneedling) treatment will rejuvenate your skin and will dramatically improve acne scars, stretch marks, and any other imperfection caused by aging, sun, trauma, and other damaging factors. 

Skin needling is a skincare treatment aimed at improving appearance, texture, and overall quality by boosting collagen and elastin production using a microneedling pen. A microneedling pen is a tool that creates minuscule punctures on the dermal layer of the skin which then triggers a series of reactions that leads to high collagen and elastin production.  The Dermapen 4 is regarded as the best device in the microneedling industry.

After a few sessions of Dermapen treatment, you will notice significant improvements in your overall skin condition. The treatment can be as effective as Fractional laser, chemical peels, IPL, and other skin rejuvenation techniques without significant downtime, making Dermapen a popular treatment. The principle idea behind Dermapen needling is that micro-injuries to the skin promote collagen and elastin growth as a by-product of healing. Essentially, as your body heals the skin increases the production of collagen and elastin and this production leads to fresher, rejuvenated skin. Dermapen is used mostly for face wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and facial lines. .


Your beautiful skin will help your personality flourish as your self-confidence skyrocket, making it a joy to interact with others and look in the mirror. 

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